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Students_02.jpgMomentum Education Japan is dedicated to helping to make language learning and teaching a natural and pleasurable experience.  Our software, teaching materials and courses support ALL kinds of learner and teacher.


Uniquely powerful and flexible language learning software

LexiSuite, a set of programs that are the fruit of many years of research and practical teaching experience, can be used in an extremely wide range of situations.  Use these programs for paper- or computer-based practice and tests.  Tests, feedback and results are stored in the programs' database.  While each application can be used entirely independently of the others, it is also possible to use them together in integrated and complementary ways.  All support monolingual or bilingual practice and testing.
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Are you studying on your own?
Are you a language teacher working with
individuals or small groups?
Are you teaching large classes?

Our software is for you!

The Momentum Approach

  Supports the spontaneity of communicative
classrooms with systematicity and thoroughness...

Brings out the best in traditional teaching...

Supports individualized and independent learning...